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THE DOCTOR IS IN – it takes two wheels to move the soul
August 7th, 2020


On the anniversary of Operation Demetrius (1971) when 7,000+ catholic’s were driven from their home -a short article from the Artistic Director.


“Motorcycling saved me when my dad went to prison in connection with Operation Demetrius. Motorcycles offered me my freedom!

“My wife and co-founder of this theatre business is Leanne. And together we will see out this damn Pandemic intact!”

We were the first theatre in Ireland to run an online Festival: it was called Fightback, just as the proper lockdown took hold. We had 40,000 engagements over three weeks. This was off the scale for a New Writing 68 seat theatre.”

“We then focused on reopening in our actual live theatre.”

“Outside of COVID-19 sickness is mental health deterioration…
I’ve noticed a pattern developing across age groups… I call it fear of everything.”

“Who benefits from fear I as myself as I wind on the throttle?…After a decent spin… I walk home as if on air.”

“Mass Media are frightening people…Couldn’t they say ‘Mask up! Go out and enjoy yourselves. Ride a motorcycle, ride a bicycle, walk. Do something’.”



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